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When, during one of our walks, we got to the top of the hill that would later become our home we were living a period of great mental turmoil. Still we cannot consider ourselves immune to the inevitable anxieties of life. But we can say, with reasonable certainty, that the energy of that place has contributed significantly to the improvement of our quality of life.
Think less and feel more.” This is the wish that we convey to whoever crosses the threshold of our house; a simple but extremely valuable recipe.
Today we are left to climb a slope, to walk on uncontaminated trails, listening to the joyful breathless dogs which accompany us. And everything suddenly becomes clear.
Then we slow down, listen to our bodies. Our pulses slow down, our muscles relax. We enjoy the scenery.
Sometimes, walking in the woods opposite the house we meet a deer, often a boar, a fox on the run or a wolf in the distance and, finally, we feel alive.
Completely immersed and connected with all of nature around us.
A nature that changes with every step, at every glance, season after season, even day after day.
And the impermanence from frightening “concept” suddenly becomes a wonderful and fascinating revelation”.

Eugenio e Chiara, founders “Valcocchiara Retreat”

VALCOCCHIARA RETREAT is a charming Country House set among the mountains. A jewel built on top of a hill overlooking the nearby village of Montenero Val Cocchiara.
The house is attended by groups of friends who come and go. And the atmosphere you breathe, thanks to the excellent arrangement of common spaces, is extremely enjoyable and relaxed.
It is the perfect place for travelers and groups who want to reconnect with the purity of nature, for those who are looking for new ideas, perspective change, or, more simply, a temporary break from their daily hustle and bustle. A place from which you leave reinvigorated, calm, with s clearer mind. As soon as you cross the threshold you have the distinct feeling of becoming part of a big family. Guests are welcomed by the warmth of the owners and their many dogs.


We like that the house, although new and equipped with all amenities, has elements which tell of other lives, other stories, from recycled shingles to the furnishings of the rooms.
Guide of the renovation was the choice of materials already on site which we also environmentally friendly.
To say the truth, it’s the combination of things and the harmony of the elements that make “our home” a warm and welcoming place.
All good yogi well know how positive the influence of natural environment is on your body and mind. The rest is done by the company, the movement, the food. The food arrives on your plate straight from the garden and, anyway, we try to privilege small local suppliers as well as with cheeses made from cows raised on pasture in Pantano, magnificent grassy area just minutes from home.

Chiara, owner and co-founder “Valcocchiara Retreat”




Valcocchiara Retreat is a country house created to accommodate small groups.
We offer residential retreats because we believe that submerging yourself in a similar environment allows anyone to completely relax and renew their energy quickly. Among the various courses offered, all facing the centering and psychophysical balance, we also combine a healthy diet but never “ascetic” and a rich natural environment, welcoming and engaging where you can practice hiking, trekking, biking, horseback riding, swimming in the lake in summer or skiing in winter. Despite the size of the structure, which allows a greater group receptivity, we host never more than 15 people, the goal is to ensure to those who participate ultimate comfort and above all make it possible for people to get into deeper contact with each other and with the surrounding environment.

Eugenio, owner and founder of “Valcocchiara Retreat”



Many of the technical solutions used as well as some of the artwork in the house were made with the help of a small group of friends, carefully selected for their natural qualities of inventiveness and talent:

Fabrizia Criscuolo

Fabrizia loves to give wood a “second life”. She has an innate talent in revisiting waste materials, setting them in different contexts and shapes. Thanks to her, the wood found in the wood, the stones and the old pieces of metal as hinges or locks are assembled and brought to life, giving them a new identity.

In the pictures some of the Fabrizia’s works as the colourful door of Tibetan inspiration expertly decorated, or the kitchen chandelier made from an old wooden board.

  • Fabrizia1
  • Fabrizia2
  • Fabrizia4
  • Fabrizia3

Luciano Scalzitti

All local stone works in the structure as well as many of the architectural solutions have been created by Luciano Scalzitti, authentic Montenero superfine craftsman.

Picture: an old “piluccia”(a basin carved out of a dated rock) skilfully restored in the living room’s bathroom, a bench made from an old chestnut board and the beautiful local stone wall.

  • luciano1
  • luciano2
  • luciano3

Angela Maria Antuono

Angela is the artist stereotype.
Perpetually absent minded, unreliable but … adorable.
Photographer, sculptor, painter; she’s got crossed-talent. Angela is the author of various installations scattered throughout the property: from the frescoes in the garage / workshop to the magnificent statue of Shiva overlooking the outdoor terrace.

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