You go out for a walk with the dogs (we have many, they’re our passion) among hazelnut trees and blackberry bushes, on dirt trails just beaten by a pack of wolves or a herd of deer, you can see dogs basking in the sun or diving in the snow. Snow which, in winter, allows unforgettable snowshoeing in the park or skiing in the nearby ski resort of Roccaraso. You take a walk in the beautiful valley of the Marsh, maybe on horseback. Often, more simply, you can enjoy the comforts of home: the fire from the large stone fireplace, food, friends and good wine.

Eugenio, owner and founder Valcocchiara Retreat 



There are many good reasons to discover this corner of land between Abruzzo and Molise, hidden and fascinating.

An uncontaminated place, but with all the comforts, where you can discover the small pleasures that make life worth living: engage in outdoor activities, have long walks, get in tune with the rhythms of nature.
Everything is facilitated by the provision of indoor and outdoor spaces of the house, specifically designed to put at ease our guests during their stay.
Memorable morning breakfasts (with cakes and homemade jams), not to mention the aperitifs in our garden and summer moonlight dinners.

For those looking for something more dynamic, there are many possibilities for a stay full of sports and adventure.

  • All year round we organize retreats, intensive courses, workshops with great masters of different types of YOGA AND MEDITATION. The courses / seminars are generally oriented towards personal and spiritual growth and are often attended by groups and people who approach to these disciplines for the first time.
  • Every day we do Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan.
    In our calendar, throughout all seasons, there are residential seminars which study these disciplines.
    In this context we boast the precious contribution of the great Master Jingquan Jia, founder of Tuhe (
  • Valcocchiara Retreat hosts “Paths of Awareness“, residential weekend in a group of GESTALT THERAPY led by the Gestalt psychiatrist and psychotherapist Mimmo Ciavarelli, direct pupil of Barrie Simmons who introduced Gestalt Therapy in Italy in the early 70s. The meetings are open to all those who want to get in honest contact with themselves and with others for their own personal evolution.


  • The house is the ideal starting point for HIKING and NORDIC WALKING, wonderful walks in the park, trekking suitable for all levels of hikers.
    A couple of hours among little beaten paths, stony mountains and sheep tracks will make you dripping with sweat and happiness, between juniper bushes, blackberry bushes and wild rose, small streams dry.
    Those who love walking will find their element here.
    Each season offers something different and unique in its kind.
    In August and September we collect blackberries, wild apples, hazelnuts … used to produce delicious jams for breakfast.
    Between September and October you can hear the powerful verses of deer in love, roars.
    In November, after the first frost, we collect wild fennel and dogwood from which we make the best spirits.
    Between February and April the male deer retreat in the dense bush away from the females, and they lose their antlers. With a bit of luck and keeping your eyes open you can return home with some beautiful deer antlers.
  • In WINTER, generally from December to March, you can SKI in the vast Alto Sangro.
    Roccaraso with its more than 100 km of slopes, in fact, is only a 15 minute drive from our home.
    Alternatively beautiful walks with snowshoes, or even cross-country skiing in nearby Forca d’Acero.
  • We are in the mountains and, throughout the year, we do a more challenging and very suggestive form of TREKKING of the Mainarde peaks, clearly visible from home. Walking on Mainarde is a unique experience, full of charm. Overhanging walls, pastures and meadows, a unique landscape, and the real possibility of spotting various species of animals. Difficult but not impossible to come across the Marsicano brown bear, symbol of the park. Easier to admire the chamois along the steep and craggy walls. In the woods and meadows it’s possible for a deer or wolf to appear, as well as in the sky, you can watch the vaulting of a hawk or buzzard.
  • The abundance of beat paths and surrounding natural beauty make the enviroment a BIKING paradise.
    Hundreds of itineraries for both mtb and street bike.
    The evocative garage offers a range of bikes you are welcome to use during your stay.
  • You can stroll to the PANTANO, an immense prairie of over 500 hectares, inhabited by thousands of cows and horses bred in semi-wild state.
    It’s a real gem where you can do some unforgettable HORSEBACK RIDING, walking or birdwatching.


The presence of 4 nearby lakes (Castel San Vincenzo, Split Mountain, Scanno and Barrea) allows beautiful outings in summer with the opportunity to engage in activities like SWIMMING and CANOEING.



  • To the fans of the genre OFF-ROAD EXCURSIONS, on 2 and 4 wheels, on tracks, dirt roads and mountain rocks.

Well … those who intend to engage in more active and less “contemplative” pursuits will have a lot to do … and you can bet that, at the end of the day, all you want is a comfortable bed in which to let go until dawn of the following day.

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