The farmstead, built taking shape from a skilfully restored old ruin, maintaining, as architectural reference, the portals and beautiful stone houses of the nearby village of Montenero Val Cocchiara, offers breathtaking views of the Mainarde mountains.

Anywhere, space and time to dedicate to oneself.


It all meets around the central house, where meals are eaten; one can enjoy the large fireplace or relax in the small indoor spa.

The main host is the stone, skillfully and lovingly chiselled, and the wood, natural elements used in accordance with the fundamentals of sustainability.

The interior decor is simple, but charming, carefully chosen and favouring recycled materials and old furniture.
You sleep in warm rooms, plain and comfortable/cozy, each one different the other and all created with passion and love for details.

We dine together in a common lounge enjoying delicious zero km meals; in the background, a large stone fireplace where one can stop and chat with other guests, sip some homemade tonic liquer or read a good book.
The lack of dividing walls between the kitchen and living room encourages an authentic and hard to forget sense of sharing .

You may also enjoy the pool/outdoor drinking trough totally submerged in the green of the hill and then laze in the sun on beautiful summer days.
Seasonal hammocks invite you to long naps in the afternoon hours.
It’s a must, in winter when the snowfall is abundant, to relax in the indoor spa, equipped with a large sauna, colored sofas and a small natural resin pool with hot 38°C water, hydromassage and cervical waterfall.
From the picture window you can admire the colourful sight offered by the alternating seasons, a fascinating and ever-changing show: the deep green summer, autumn pastels, the snow-covered peaks.

The bright room where the courses are held has a huge sliding glass door which opens directly onto the mountains, and is enriched by a fireplace made of local stone and an old cast iron stove.

The property has 2 large outdoor terraces, completely immersed in the green environment, where you can do yoga, meditation or simply relish the sunsets which move even the most stolid minds. In summer, a tarpaulin made of natural elements shields the sun from one of the two terraces.

Fires blaze in the braziers scattered on the lawn.
In the garden many places to find tranquility and also enjoy a bit of healthy solitude.

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